Our Story
We are two friends, who forged their careers publishing. We both love making family photobooks to keep our favourite stories and memories alive – after all it’s our shared history that binds us together. But even for us as publishing professionals, these take a lot of time and effort (leave alone frustration) to put together.
The big idea
So, on a long evening zoom call in lockdown, we had an idea: We wanted to create a platform, that would make it easy and enjoyable for parents to create a family story book that celebrates their unique story.

Making it happen
We were thrilled when Viktor, a high-caliber developer, came on board. Together with him, 50+ test families and experts, and a government grant, we crafted our user-friendly platform with just the right amount of choices.

What we learnt
Behind absolutely every family, there is an extraordinary story of love that deserves telling.

Meet the team
Sonja Klug Co-founder
Sonja is a journalist and editor who has worked with digital agencies for global brands, as well as writing for a wide range of print and online magazines and newspapers. She lives in London with her partner and two children, loves the forest as well as the city and likes to go mountain biking with her family.
Nina Jibo Co-founder
Nina has worked as a graphic designer and creative director for leading agencies and key consumer brands in the UK and Germany. Her work spans form branding, consumer research design, print, and digital design for consumer-facing brands, B2B and not-for-profit organisations. Nina and her family live in north London and she loves the theatre and a dip in the ladies pond.
Vikor has worked in the tech world with the likes of Photoshop before coming on board with Storydo where he has created the Storydo Bookbuilder platform and website. Viktor lives in Hamburg and loves all things cycling.
Candice Blackman
Candice’s background is in fashion publishing and travel. She’s been working with the Storydo team and loves seeing families have a special space to share their stories. Candice lives in Somerset with her tribe of four boys, partner and cat. When she’s not juggling family life she can be found in the corner of her craft room or sneaking off for a game of cricket with her local team.
James Paul Wallis
James Paul Wallis is an editor and proofreader with a background in non-fiction. Working in UK and US English, he helps publishers, private clients, and businesses make their text clear and consistent, ready for submission or publication. A former trade magazine editor and school book writer, James has over two decades’ experience in publishing. He is also a father to two boys and enjoys fixing things and playing music.