“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed making this book for my son. Using the prompts it was super quick and easy to do. The resulting book is a much cherished family treasure and we love reading it with my son. I’ll make another one when I have my second. 10/10 recommend!
Sandra, Walthamstow
We extensively tested our Storydo BookBuilder. Here is what people said:
100% said it made them feel good about their family
100% liked the print quality and felt it was a high-value, substantial hardcover books
About half did it on a mobile and half on a desktop which is slightly easier but is obviously not as mobile
What did they like about Storydo? ‘clear questions’, ‘inclusiveness’, ‘easy to do and scope to add your own detail’, ‘easy to fill in’ ‘options for different family types’, ‘it gives you choices of what to write, but also allows you to write your own thing’, ‘the layouts are simple and stylish’, ‘the idea, the prompts and the option to write my own text’

The guidance from the structure and page layouts was invaluable
We wouldn’t have been able to do this ourselves. We would have felt initimated by the process of creating our book. The guidance from the structure and page layouts was invaluable, and the product is unique.
Ally, mother of one

Super quick and easy to do
“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed making this book for my son. Using the prompts it was super quick and easy to do.”
Sandra, Walthamstow

My daughter was so happy
I love the book and my daughter was so happy when I told her it was for her! She really enjoys it when we read the book together.
Illona, mum of two, London

It’ll help our daughter understand
This beautiful photo storybook is going to be a great way for us to help our daughter understand how she came to be part of our family. She loves looking at the pictures. Suzy, Gateshead
Suzy, Gateshead

…it’s been so much fun to put together and it brought up some amazing memories for me and my partner
“Honestly, as soon as I started I couldn’t stop crying because it’s so clever how it is laid out. The wording is so inclusive, which is fantastic! Thank you for letting me be part of this, it’s been so much fun to put together and it brought up some amazing memories for me and my partner to talk about in the process of making it.”
Hayley, mum to Goldie

The level of customisation is mind blowing
“Louis has got a new book and he loved reading it. But it is not any book though, it tells HIS story, told by Maman & Papa. Thanks to the amazing @storydobooks we were able to create a bespoke book that tells our family story, with our pictures. We used the book builder on Storydo website and a few days later we received our book in the post. It’s an amazing way to keep our memories and explain to Louis where he comes from. The level of customisation is mind blowing and completely inclusive so you can include as many details as you’d like whatever your story is. There are some things Louis doesn’t understand now, but later it will be a great start to answer some of the questions he might have about his parents and his birth. It is a truly unique book to keep and cherish forever, I really recommend you take a look @storydobooks!”
Vincent, Dad of two, Cardiff

What the experts say about Storydo
“We grow through stories; hearing them, telling them and reading them. They allow us to lend out our minds and feelings into another world through which our own lives can become clearer. Whether through words, pictures, photographs or a mixture, stories help us to understand who we are. While babies and toddlers can learn of their own lives through stories about little animals, it really matters for our own growth that we feel truly represented. Story books about boys and girls that do not represent the nature of their family or identity inhibit the potential of the enrichment books bring. Where a child is in a minority because of race, gender, sexuality, bereavement, nature of conception, or the nature of their parent or parents it is even more important that a book should reflect and represent them. Storydo provides an empathic enabling platform in which parents can provide for their loved little ones a truly personal book about their family and their origins. This will strengthen family attachment and culture and add to the self-esteem of the child.”
Dr Valerie Sinason, child psychotherapist, who worked for 40 years as a consultant psychotherapist in the NHS
“Storytelling is an innate part of being human. And there’s nothing more human than learning the story of our own families. This tangible hardback book is an antidote to the thousands of images that we post and share online for public consumption. It’s a private narrative, designed to show our family where they come from, where they belong, and how much we care.”
Georgina Sturmer , counsellor, BACP member
“​​We find in our research that parents often use story books to talk to children about their family, especially if their family is different in some way. I’m sure parents will find a tailor-made book extremely valuable in helping them to explain complex family relationships to young children. What a wonderful idea!”
Professor Susan Golombok FBA FAcSS, Centre for Family Research, University of Cambridge and author of We are family
“Too many children today find it hard to engage in reading for pleasure, and often it’s because their parents don’t ‘model’ reading at home. Storydo is a fantastic way for adults to do just that, and to enjoy their reading experience with their family while sharing their own personal story.”
Neal Zetter, poet/author

From the founders
“As two mums, we saw a huge gap in the market for a book like Storydo. Being part of a a blended family, I know the true value and importance of sharing your family’s story with your child and so we wanted to create something that allowed every family to do just that. After decades of using the power of storytelling to help brands, we wanted to use our expertise to make a difference. We wanted to enable parents to create their own narrative that celebrates their family, while strengthening their child’s identity and sense of self. So far the feedback we have had has been incredible.”
Sonja Klug, co-founder, Storydo and mum of two
“Children’s books have come a long way since we were growing up. There’s a real shift on ensuring that what kids see in storybooks is themselves reflected back at them and what better way to do than to create a make-your-own book where families can add their own story and photos. We wanted to ensure that no family felt left out and everyone has the opportunity to share their own journey to create a quality keep-sake that’s one of a kind,”
Nina Jibo, co-founder Storydo and mum of two